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At David Carpenter Electric, we recognize the critical need to deliver quality service.
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As we serve medical facilities across Massachusetts, we understand what it takes to work in a critical care environment. Whether installing piping down a patient care hallway, electrical ducts in cath labs or specialized receptacles for operating room lasers, or even renovating an entire department, we ensure consistent power where it’s required, when it’s needed most, and under tightly regulated conditions. On every project, we maintain a safe, clean worksite.

We have met the wiring and power needs for life safety systems in:

  •     Cardiac labs
  •     Mammo suites
  •     Gynecology clinics
  •     Oncology treatment centers

We have helped to equip and install control systems for:

  •     Cath labs
  •     Blood labs
  •     Scan assessment areas for sophisticated brain studies

We are regularly contracted for the installation of complex medical equipment such as CAT scans, x-ray equipment and on a larger scale, MRI trailers and their support equipment. We are accustomed to scheduling power cutovers around essential patient services to minimize disruption during installation and maintenance.

Drawing on our experience in labs, clinics and operating rooms, we have an understanding of the many regulatory requirements for health and safety in every type of medical setting.

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“We have a great working relationship with David Carpenter Electric because they understand what’s at stake with our tight timeframes. Given our clinical setting, our projects have to be completed right the first time. Not every contractor respects these timelines, but I know that Dave and his team will always deliver for us! Every job is done well and on time.”

Glenn Casey, Facility Project Manager
Engineering & Maintenance, Lahey Health